Keep it Local for the Very Best Apples

Did you know that some Honeycrisp apples sold in Minnesota grocery stores are shipped here from Washington State? Here at Aamodt’s, our Honeycrisp and new Sweet RiverBelle—like all our apples—are grown right here in Minnesota. Compare them side-by-side with grocery store apples. You CAN taste the difference!

That’s because the University of Minnesota and local breeders developed these apples to be at their best when grown in the soil conditions and climate that are unique to Minnesota and the upper Mississippi River Valley.


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Minnesota Honeycrisp Apples—our state fruit!

The Honeycrisp apple is a definite favorite among Minnesota apple lovers. They are widely grown around the world, but the very best are harvested right here in the St. Croix River Valley area, where the growing conditions are ideal for this variety. Honeycrisp apples have a well-balanced sweet-tart taste, and they are explosively crisp and juicy.

Did you know the Honeycrisp apple is Minnesota’s State Fruit?


Sweet RiverBelle Apples

This apple is extremely crisp with a perfectly balanced sweet-tart flavor. It’s typically ready for harvest in early September, a bit ahead of  Honeycrisp. You can identify this apple by its orange-red striped complexion on a creamy yellow background. It is excellent for fresh eating and adds crunchy zip to cool salads. Sweet RiverBelle is one of the latest apples bred to be grown right here in Minnesota.

Seasonal Selection

Here at Aamodt’s, we offer a very wide selection of Minnesota’s favorite apples:  Honeycrisp, Haralson (best for baking!), Sweet RiverBelle, Minneiska/SweeTango, Cortland, Fireside, Zestar, Keepsake and many more.  Each variety is ready for harvest at a different time, from early August through late September. Check our home page or call for current availability.

Keep ‘em fresh

Most apple varieties will stay fresh and crisp for weeks if you store them properly. Here’s how: Keep them in the special apple bag you get when you purchase them at Aamodt’s. Our apple bags are designed to allow a little air to circulate between the fruit, and to help maintain proper humidity. Tuck a moist paper towel in with the apples, and place the bag in the crisper drawer.

Apples deteriorate quickly if they’re not kept cool.  Keep them in the ‘fridge!