Pick-your-own is now open but check daily!

When you arrive at the orchard, purchase a special Pick Your Own bag inside the Apple Barn or at the designated tent outside. We will direct you to the trees that are ready for picking. The Pick Your Own season lasts only a few weeks, so please check our website to see what’s currently ripe and ready. What’s the correct way to pick an apple? Cup the apple in the palm of your hand. Twist the apple up and over the branch. This method ensures that next year’s bud is undamaged and ready to produce another apple next season!

Currently Available for Picking:

Our Pick You Own Season will start Saturday July 30th, 2016.  We will be picking the Mantet Apple!

Apple Varieties & Profiles   Please refrain from climbing the apple trees. Pick apples only in areas that are currently designated as ready for harvest, and only pick apples from the tree branches, not off the ground.  And, of course, we ask that you refrain from throwing apples! Do not eat apples while in the orchards.